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  • May 2015. We recently upgraded our site to make it more accessible from mobile devices. This mostly impacts the home page of the site where you’ll now find photos, videos, and written content on various topics with links deeper down into our site here or to our sister sites.
  • April 2015. The April 2015 Newsletter is now online.

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Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread from Food for Life

Note: The following information is drawn from several Food for Life web pages in an effort to consolidate it in one place. It is provided here for your convenience. In our promotion of their products, we’re frequently referencing this material.   Quick... read more

Disney’s Tomorrowland – Athena (Video Trailers)

Summary Tomorrowland is a Disney movie based on a story line where all the greatest minds in the world collaborate to make the world a better place. The film is scheduled to launch on 22 May 2015. Below are some resource links for the movie. Disney Movie Page Facebook... read more News 201504 – News 201504 | 30 April 2015 | Thursday Dear Friend, Welcome to the April 2015 newsletter. At the end of April, finishing out the month, the website was redesigned. This mostly impacts the home page layout, with other pages having a slight... read more

Hijab and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nuns

Through the years, many religions have prescribed specific clothing and head covering for practitioners of the faith. Groups sometimes use clothing as a mark of uniqueness or distinction for their specific sect of a religion. Religious clothing is sometimes included... read more

Burka Avenger: “Justice, peace and education for all!”

In this new animated adventure series, a young Muslim woman with superpowers becomes “Burka Avenger.” Explaining her mission, she states, “Now, I use my powers for good. I stand for justice, peace and education for all. I fight against the forces of tyranny and... read more

Wellness Plan for Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension

This video presents a health and wellness plan for addressing and preventing: Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypertension. This approach advocates better sleep quality/quantity, strength exercises (stair climbing), and low carb / low glycemic index food choices.... read more

We Now Offer Amazon Goat Grazer Rentals

Rent-A-Goat! Ask about our convenient goat rentals for grazing, trimming, and lawn care. Why spend money on noisy, polluting, gas guzzling traditional mowers when you can have a goat do the work? [Add Goat to Cart] This is no joke. Here’s the Amazon store link... read more

Atlassian HipChat Ad Campaign Inspired by Office Space

Bulk is Great Bill Lumbergh of Office Space comes out of retirement to teach the kids how to bulk up their email threads. Remember, volume = competence.   Meetings about Meetings Bill Lumbergh comes out of his Office Space retirement to bring his classic... read more

Story of The Bradley Universal Design Wrist Watch

This video tells the story of why the Eone watch company named their timepiece after Brad Snyder. About Brad Snyder Brad Snyder began his professional career as a newly commissioned Ensign in the US Navy, having graduated from the US Naval Academy with a degree in... read more News 201503 – News 201503 | 29 March 2015 | Sunday Dear Friend, Welcome to the March 2015 newsletter. Personal Update. My Personal Update for March is now available. If we’re not already connected on Facebook, I invite you to Like my page and... read more
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